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Handrail Balusters, square, black, wrought iron-look

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Made within the Automotive manufacturing business, never-fade powder coat

As Seen on EBay, Craigslist, and thousands of homes and resorts across North America.  Order directly through this site's shopping cart page and save from Crg's/Eby prices - it's automatic for us so we're passing on the efficiency savings ! 


These handrail balusters look like wrought iron due to the 5/8" square dimension, and black color. Total length is 33.5" including 2+ inch flatted ends for overlap, requring 29" between upper and lower rails. Or, flipped around, they can mount on their back side and save 3 inches in height if retrofitting. Using std 2-by boards with gap under, rail height ranges from 35" to 44", depending on lumber width used. Home building stores seem to not sell square which is the best architectural shape for strength while minimizing view blockage. Balusters come in boxes of 84 for a 28' run of rail, and can be broken down for custom quantities. The ends are flatted and pierced for mounting screws for quick easy installation. The top and bottom are curved slightly for a unique sculpted look. Stair railing also since they are infinitely adjustable for angle. They require wood rails across top and bottom to screw to, usually 2x4 lumber for horizontal rails and 2x3 for stairs is optional, but helpful..In fact, 2x3 P.T. rails all around looks really great. Can mount to 1x2 aluminum channel as well, and have done installations with TREX.  Building code requires a rail for a 3' drop or more, and a 4" diameter sphere cannot pass through the balusters for baby safety, or 6" for step corner triangles. Located in N.Ky.  Over 125,000 sold through 6/14.  Customers located in all 50 contiguous states and CANADA . Shipping will be absorbed partially with piece price reduction pending order qty. Thin walled tube for lightweight but dense shipping. Priced per shop now page.


Also priced per listings on Craigslist, Ebay. Larger orders (550 or more) will receive a good price break. Screws not included but local building store deck screws (Ace hardware #8x1") are what we use.  Installation available. Deck building and deck design services also available.


CONTRACTORS receive compound discounts beginning on 2nd order over 4 boxes. 

Same day or next day delivery is usual via UPS. Samples are available for purchase on tge shop now page. We also accept all credit cards via phone-in Merchant Banking.