About Our Business Offering Metal Deck Railing Products

The traditional appearance of wrought iron deck balusters is offered to you with the strength and longevity of aluminum that our production process features. Our team, which is responsible for the outstanding products we create at Union Metalworks, is built upon a solid core of experience gained by working in the automotive field with coating engineers. We have translated that know-how into a range of quality components for our customers, including belly balusters that feature a durable, fade-resistant powder coat finish.

Our balusters look great when paired with a metal deck railing, and you can find them online, as well as featured in homes and resorts across the continent. If you order through our shopping cart, you save money over other online sellers. Our site is part of the UPS savings program for business, and with UPS ground shipping, the costs are lower, and we pass the savings onto you.

These balusters can be seen on eBay (Union Metalworks Balusters, we are a Powerseller and a few transactions from Top-Rated Seller), Craigslist, and thousands of homes and resorts across North America. You can order our aluminum balusters for decks directly through our shopping cart and save money from Craigslist and eBay parts and shipping prices. This site is part of the UPS savings program for businesses, and we pass the savings onto you so that with UPS ground shipping these balusters is still much lower in cost than retailers.

These handrail balusters look like wrought iron deck balusters due to the 5/8″ square dimension, and black color. The total length is 33.5″ including 2+ inch flatted ends for overlap (aka “Face-Mount”), requiring 29″ between upper and lower rails. Flipped around, they can mount on their back side and save 3 inches in height if retrofitting. Using standard 2-by materials with gap under bottom, handrail height ranges from 35″ to 44″, depending on lumber width used. Home building stores seem to not sell square, which is the best architectural shape for strength while minimizing view blockage.

Balusters come in boxes varying quantities depending on exact order quantity. The ends are flatted and pierced for mounting screws for quick easy handrail installation. The top and bottom handrails are curved slightly for a unique sculpted look. You can also purchase our balusters for stair railing also since they are infinitely adjustable for angle. They require wood rails across top and bottom to screw to, usually 2×4 lumber for horizontal rails; 2×3 for stairs is optional, but helpful. In fact, 2×3 P.T. rails all around looks really great. Furthermore, they can mount to 1×2 aluminum channel as well, and have done installations with TREX.  Building code requires a rail for a 3′ drop or more, and a 4″ diameter sphere cannot pass through the balusters for baby safety, or 6″ for step corner triangles.

Our business is located in North Kentucky and Los Angeles, California.  We have sold more than 225,000 balusters through 2015 and have customers located in all 50 contiguous states, CANADA, Australia, Grand Cayman. We also have many customers going back 10 years on the Atlantic Coast from Maine to Key West, and lining the gulf of Mexico, using both steel and aluminum, and they hold up very well to the harsh salt environment.

Handrails and balusters shipping will be absorbed partially with piece price reduction pending order quantity. We use a thin-walled tube for lightweight but dense shipping. Our aluminum balusters for decks are sold in standard deck quantities and in bulk. Our prices are listed in the shop page. The screws not included but can be purchased here as well or at local building store deck screws. Installation services, deck building, and deck design services are available locally. Same day or next day delivery is usual via UPS. Samples of our wrought iron deck balusters are available for purchase at our online store.


Requires installation per instructional video and use of our stainless steel screws.

STEEL STRAIGHT and CURVED: 20/10/3 years, manufacturing/corrosion/gloss, under average conditions, with proper installation, prorated for extreme environments; with proof of purchase, photos of installation, returned parts.

ALUMINUM: 20/30/3 yrs, manufacturing/corrosion/gloss, under average conditions, with proper installation, prorated for extreme environments; with proof of purchase, photos of installation, returned parts.

About Union Metal Works:

Union Metalworks was formed in 1992 in order to design, manufacture and sell reasonably-priced high-quality handrail balusters. Coming from Automotive Engineering, it was clear to us that retail metal railings are too expensive, due largely to massive retail overhead. Using automotive industry manufacturing and coatings engineers in that field we have collaborated to produce a beautiful baluster that is producible and marketable without excessive overhead. After mass marketing for 13 years, it is clear that the public agrees. We exceed competitors warranty’s, which are in fact vague and lacking a lot of standard coverage for durability, proximity to the oceans, fade resistance etc.