What is the Difference between Balusters and Balustrades?

Archer curved steel deck balustersWhen looking to improve the appearance of your deck, metal balusters can be a great way to add some elegance to your home. Balusters are the vertical, vase-like posts on railings, not to be confused with balustrades, which are the railings themselves.

The words have French, Italian, Latin, and Greek origins and can come in a variety of different shapes. A deck baluster will usually blend in with the architecture of the house, making it a small, yet significant piece to the overall look.

Though these are not always the focal point of a deck or structure, balusters and balustrades provide an architectural elegance that enhances the exterior design of homes, hotels, restaurants, marinas and more. At Union Metal Works, we sell a variety of beautiful white, bronze, or black metal balusters to match your deck’s theme. You can even mix and match colors with the balustrades to create a look that is truly unique to your home.

If you are interested in ordering balusters and balustrades for your home renovation, look no further than the gorgeous options available from Union Metal Works. Our products are shipped same-day or next-day so you can quickly get to work on your project. Call us today at (859) 991-1881 for ordering assistance.

Why Metal Deck Balusters are a Wise Investment

Deck BalustersUpdating and improving your decks starts with the right materials. Union Metal Works provides great metal balusters that have the following benefits:

  • Strong – Balusters need to be strong, as this railing is meant to keep things inside of your deck area. Whether you are letting your pets out on your deck each day or just have many items on your deck at all times, you want balusters that will do their job while looking good.
  • Perfect for Unique Designs – Our metal balusters are wonderful for individuals building a different deck. Being part of the pack and always having the same designs is boring, so choose something unique and select one of our metal balusters selections for your deck.
  • Low-Maintenance – Staying up with wooden balusters is frustrating, as these balusters tend to degrade over time. When you need a baluster that will stand up to the elements and only need a good wipe down every once in a while, you can count on Union Metal Works to provide you with a good option.

Union Metal Works, your online source for deck balusters, has spectacular steel and aluminum selections available for your home. Shop with our business today and improve your decks!

Upgrade Your Decks Before the Harsh Winter Weather

Metal Deck RailingHave you been considering upgrading your deck? If the thought has crossed your mind at all, you need to get started as soon as possible. Here are some of the reasons why you should make your updates soon:

  • Ready for Spring – Perhaps one of the best reasons to make your updates now is that it will be ready for spring. There are so many things you need to start doing to your home exterior when spring comes around, so why not get your deck upgrades out of the way now so you will not have to sweat it in April.
  • Stop Further Damage – If you are making upgrades because your deck has been damaged, you can lessen the number of repairs you will have to make in spring. If your railing is falling apart, a severe winter storm may affect parts around the damage.
  • Keep Using Your Deck in Winter – Have you been experiencing mild winters? Then you should consider making the upgrades so you can continue enjoying your backyard. With a fully functional deck, you will be able to go out in the yard and enjoy a warm cup of coffee on a brisk Saturday morning.

When you are making updates to your deck, you can count on Union Metal Works to provide you with quality balusters for your metal deck railing. Our business offers excellent selections that are sure to fit your budget.

Step Up Your Stairs with Our Balusters

Stair BalustersWhen it comes to building a new staircase, it is the little touches that can be the difference between a beautiful staircase and the perfect staircase. It does not matter if you are building a new deck or are looking to replace an older set of stairs, you can trust Union Metal Works to provide you with high-end selections to make your staircase perfect.

One of the best aspects of investing in our balusters is that they are affordable! Each of our styles is available at a price below $3.00, which means you can take on your remodeling project without having to break the bank. Every baluster we sell is made using techniques that we learned working in the auto manufacturing industry, so you can rest assured that every baluster you purchase from our business is built to last. For more than 13 years, people all across the country have been choosing our balusters, so you can rest assured that our business is providing you with selections that many other people have enjoyed for years.

Browse the selection of stair balusters we sell and place an order with our business today. Not only do we work with homeowners, Union Metal Works also provides balusters for hotels, restaurants, marinas, and more!

Why Metal Deck Railing is Important

Metal Deck RailingBuild a new deck on your home exterior is a wise choice. There are many decisions you need to make before you start the build – one of those options is choosing the right railing for your needs. Union Metal Works, your source for metal belly balusters, recommends metal railing for the following reasons:

Safe and Strong – When you think of strength, metal is one of the first things that comes to mind. It is easy to break a piece of wood – and it eventually rots and dies – so you should consider choosing railing that is strong and built to last.

Aesthetically Pleasing – The look of your deck is critical, so you want to make sure you choose railing that looks good. When you select our balusters for your build, you will be picking pieces that are thinner – making the balusters themselves less visible.

Ideal for Custom Designs – Your deck should fit your needs. You do not want to have a cookie-cutter deck like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in your neighborhood. Our balusters are distinct, allowing you to build a deck that is sure to make your neighbors green with jealousy.

Place an order for our balusters today! Union Metal Works is proud to provide you with the perfect selections for your metal deck railing.

Metal Balusters – The Right Choice for Your Home

Deck RailsHaving a deck is a great way to improve the property value of your home. While installing the deck, you need to find quality balusters for your investment. Here are some reasons why our metal balusters are right for your home:

  • Built to Last – One of the top reasons why you should be investing in our metal balusters is that they are made to last. We have experience working in the auto industry and have developed these quality balusters to last a long time.
  • Strong and Sturdy – You want to have balusters that will hold fast in a variety of situations, including inclement weather or if someone accidentally falls. Our business only provides strong balusters that are made from quality metal.
  • Low Maintenance – When installing balusters, you don’t want to have to worry about selections that require constant cleaning. Wooden balusters can rot and have fungus issues. Our metal balusters are built to last in a variety of situations, including wet weather.

When it comes to balusters for your deck rails, Union Metal Works has high-end selections at prices that are sure to fit your budget, including aluminum and steel choices. Check out our balusters and improve your deck today. Our new belly balusters will be available soon.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

Deck RailsMaking regular updates and improvements to your home is vital. Here are a few curb appeal projects you can start to keep your home looking magnificent:

Do a Little Painting – You don’t have to paint your entire home to improve your curb appeal. With just a few cans of exterior paint, you can spend some time painting shutters, doors, and any trim to transform the look of your house exponentially.

Change Your Landscaping – If you’ve been pruning the same shrubs and planting the same flowers year after year, you should consider making a change. You can spend some time at your local garden center to find unique plants that would match the color of your home or hire a professional!

Update Your Deck Area – Do you have a deck on the exterior of your home? You can transform the deck rails with new balusters from Union Metal Works. We offer high-end and affordable selections that are ideal for any homeowner on a budget.

The team at Union Metal Works is proud to offer a variety of long-lasting metal balusters for your home. Our business provides fantastic belly balusters, as well as other quality choices that are both beautiful and affordable.

It’s Time to Fix and Upgrade Your Balusters

BalustersAre you looking at your deck and noticing that your balusters just aren’t looking as good? Here are some reasons to fix or upgrade your balusters:

  • Make Your Home Exterior Look Good – When you have busted or old balusters on your outdoor decks, you are guaranteeing that your home will look bad. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to move in the near future or are planning on staying in your home for many more years, it’s your duty as a good neighbor to keep up with your home exterior.
  • Keep Deck Areas Safe – Having quality balusters installed on your deck is essential to keeping your deck safe! If you have kids, pets, or anyone else visiting your home, these balusters will guarantee that no one will accidentally fall off of your deck. This is particularly vital for people who own decks that are located on the side of a mountain or hill.
  • Change Things Up – Your home is important and you need to make sure that you are always doing things to make your property look good! If your deck hasn’t been upgraded in a decade or so, you may want to consider investing in new balusters to make things look better.

Whether you are interested in our straight steel balusters or ready for our new belly balusters, you can rest assured that Union Metal Works can provide you with some of the most efficient and affordable selections on the market.

Remodeling After a Storm

BalustersWhether you have been through one of the many recent storms are just located in an area where troublesome weather is a given, here are a handful of ideas for people who want to remodel after a storm:

Take Care of Your Deck – If your deck has been damaged or just looks shabby after an onslaught of rain, you should consider making some upgrades. This is the perfect time to replace your old balusters, add on some more space, or just make general repairs.

Update a Sunroom – The storm may have damaged your sunroom, so you should take some time to remodel this space. You may want to consider installing new windows, changing the flooring, or upgrading the walls.

Transform Your Shed – A leaky old shed doesn’t have to stay that way. Instead of letting it sit and collect water, you can take this opportunity to take care of leaks, fix the windows, and clean out all of the old garbage that has been sitting there for ages.

Union Metal Works is proud to provide high-end metal balusters that are perfect for your home or business exterior. Take a look at our selections – including our belly balusters – and invest today!

Why Having a Nice Backyard is Important

Balusters | UnionMetalWorks.comYour home is an important space. Many homeowners often forget about the backyard, but it’s actually one of the best places in your home. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to have a nice backyard:

A Great Place to Experience the Outdoors – When you go out into your backyard, you are experiencing the outdoors on your terms. This is your space to have trees, plants, and other greenery to help you feel at peace with the world.

Entertain Outdoors – Whether it’s the summer and you want to enjoy the warmth of the sun or you are just someone who loves to grill, having a nice backyard is perfect for people who love to entertain. You can play games out in the grass or you can sit on the deck and watch the sunset.

Grow a Garden – If you are interested in staying healthy and eating right, having your own garden is great inspiration. There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own fruits and vegetables, then using them to cook a nice, wholesome meal for yourself and your family.

You can take your backyard to the next level with a new deck. It doesn’t matter if you are building it yourself or having a professional do the installation, you can save money and make your deck look perfect with new balusters from Union Metal Works.