DIY Installation of Balusters

blogRe-doing your deck, porch, or staircase handrails is a great way to spice up little elements of your home in a way that has a big effect. In order to affect this change, you obviously need to purchase the right products. While balusters themselves are relatively inexpensive, paying someone to install the balusters can rack up the overall cost quickly. Because of this, it can be much simpler to install the balusters yourself, saving the labor costs for other renovations you may have planned. If you’ve never done this before, or you’re not the most construction-savvy person, you don’t need to worry. Installing metal balusters in wooden hand rails is a fairly simple process. We’ve outlined the basic steps below:

  1. Make sure you have the necessary tools (desired balusters, epoxy/hot glue, power tool with a metal cutting blade, drill & drill bit, and optional baluster shoes).
  2. If you still need to remove old wooden balusters, cut them in half and remove the two halves. Wooden balusters can be secured in a few different ways, so removing the top and bottom pieces will be different for each situation.
  3. Next, you need to drill holes in the two locations the baluster will be secured in. The holes will have to be a little larger than the balusters themselves so that they can be fitted properly. If you opt out of balusters shoes (which hide the drilled holes) you will need to drill holes that perfectly fit your selected baluster.
  4. You now need to cut the balusters so they’re the proper length for your given situation. Measure the distance between the handrail and the floor, and then typically add about 1.5 inches. Cut at this added measurement from the bottom of the baluster.
  5. Make sure your first measured baluster fits properly, and then install! Using the epoxy or hot glue, slide the baluster into the glued hole, and then glue the shoes if you choose to use them.

Voila! We told you it was simple. With this easy guide your renovation project becomes a simple task that takes less than a day and saves you money. Another way to save money is getting the best deal you can on balusters. You of course don’t want to sacrifice quality for price though, and you can be sure that you won’t lose any quality for our well-priced products. Visit our online store today to start your cost-efficient renovation process.