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The team at Union Metalworks tries to anticipate questions you might have about our metal balusters for decking and services. That is why we have compiled the answers to our frequently asked questions about aluminum balusters, purchasing our metal deck balusters, and more. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you with an answer to your questions as soon as possible.

Providing quality metal deck balusters and making sure you are satisfied with our products is very important. Our business knows that it can be hard to find the right aluminum balusters for your deck project, so we work hard to provide you with the best products available at a price that will fit any budget. After having your questions answered by our FAQ, visit our online store to place your order for our metal balusters for decking.

1. What kind of screws should I use?
We suggest you use our screws since they are impervious to the elements (stainless steel). Alternatively, you can use lower cost Ace Hardware’s 1″ screws or GripRite’s 1″ to 1 1/4″ deck screws, without warranty.
2. How many screws per balusters are needed?
For optimal security, we suggest you use 2 screws at each end. One screw is sufficient if usingsteel balusters and cover boards. For those retrofitting a wobbly rail, you can make use of the two holes at each end to add screws. This adds more stability.
3. Do they come in different colors?
Other than our aluminum balusters, we only provide black as an option. Aluminum comes in black, white, and crimson bronze. Screws are also colored, to be ordered separately.
4. How do they go onto stairs?
The same way, except the vertical spacing should be 29 3/8″ instead of 29″, and the spacing on the angle should be 5.5″ downhill instead of 4″. We would like to note that it helps to have the rail posts as close to the nose of the tread as possible.
5. Do you have longer or shorter versions?
We currently keep one length in stock, 33.5″ overall. Please see drawing for lengths and rail frame design parameters.
6. How do I install your balusters? Contact our team to learn more about our FAQs.
7. What if my railing needs a slightly different length of baluster?
The balusters can be mounted on their front or back surfaces. The front as we call it has the crease at the transition to the flat – we usually nest the crease on the edge of the rail; the creases are 29″ apart, requiring that dimension for the railing frame. If you flip them, the back side is one continuous surface, so not limited to where the creases are. This will gain 1.5″ of positioning flexibility at each end. Some customers mount them to the outside of the rail. We prefer the inside, since you would be working off your deck surface rather than a ladder.
8. Can I pick these up and save on shipping?
Yes, in the Florence KY or Los Angeles areas. In this case, we would refund you the shipping after you pick them up, by crediting your method of purchase. Note that shipping comprises only around 10% of the price, so many must be purchased to justify the time and travel costs.
9. How soon will they arrive?
All orders if received before 10AM are shipped out the same day. Otherwise, they are shipped the next business day, and UPS ground leadtime of avg 2 days takes over. UPS does not operate on weekends, but we do !
10. Can I cut off the ends or bend them to fit under the upper rail?
Yes, we have had some folks do this – they are easy to cut and the ends are bendable. Aluminum might be the best choice for this. They will hold up to the elements with the raw mat’l exposed. The steel versions should be sealed, and both are without warranty.
11. What is your return policy?
If you ordered too many, that’s not uncommon. Ship them to our warehouse and we will count and inspect them and put them back on the shelves for a 10% restocking fee.
Parts, and tax on parts only. Shipping cannot be refunded.

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