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The team at Union Metalworks tries to anticipate questions you might have about our metal balusters for decking and services. That is why we have compiled the answers to our frequently asked questions about aluminum balusters, purchasing our metal deck balusters, and more. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you with an answer to your questions as soon as possible.

Providing quality metal deck balusters and making sure you are satisfied with our products is very important. Our business knows that it can be hard to find the right aluminum balusters for your deck project, so we work hard to provide you with the best products available at a price that will fit any budget. After having your questions answered by our FAQ, visit our online store to place your order for our metal balusters for decking.

1. What types of products does Union Metalworks offer?
Aluminum railing including posts, rails and balusters. We started out selling the balusters or spindles only to be attached to wood frame. They can still be bought this way and used. We developed a rail that the same spindles attach to using metal screws instead of wood screws. The balusters are straight or curved and can be used on horizontal surfaces as well as stairs, and can make up to a 48 inch high rail depending on what type of lumber they are being attached to typically one 2×4 and one 2×6 will produce a 42-in rail Etc. The posts come in three different lengths, 40 inch with a foot on it for bolt down to deck surface application, 50-in for fascia Mount posts or 72 in for concrete in hole. We also offer all of the brackets for both to buy lumber and our metal railing as well as a variety of screws.
2. How can I install the metal balusters from Union Metalworks?
For installation, there are a number of demo videos on the website. The balusters simply screw on to the faces of the 2x4s hence they are a face-mount Style. We offer the screws for wood, roundhead or Flathead depending on if the buyer intends to sandwich the ends also called put a cover board over the ends. Metal screws also are available if these are being attached to metal as in our T-rail.
3. What is the quality of Union Metalworks' products?
The quality is excellent, the paint grade is Automotive powder coating.
4. How can I save money when ordering from Union Metalworks?
Our prices are wholesale, and buyers can get further discounts by calling to describe their project/situation/location and receive custom discount codes.
5. Can I find Union Metalworks' products on other platforms like eBay or Craigslist?
Also sold on Ebay, and advertised Nationally thru Craigslist.
6. What is the dimension and color of the handrail balusters offered by Union Metalworks?
The total length is 33.5″, including flattened ends of 2.1″ ea, the difference is the body length at 29.25″. They are 5/8″ square, 1mm thick.
7. What is the CAP-RAIL, and how does it benefit me?
The Cap rail is a 2-pc top section, a wrap-over decorative pc on a base piece that the balusters are attached to. The Cap presses into the baluster for extra strength. It is pre-assembled with only 1 screw at each end of the balusters so it can fold down for shipping. Virtually no on-site balusters to screw on. It is more decorative, with a wider top for a drink ledge.
8. What is the T-RAIL and how is it a cost-effective solution for homeowners?
The t-rail is a simple one piece rail which replaces the 2×4. It is shaped like the letter t and is put up right at the top and upside down at the bottom. It comes as a kit so the buyer does all the balusters screwing and thereby saves on added labor for Union Metalworks by doing it themselves. In the process, the balusters can be custom spaced to produce a controlled installation where all start and finish balusters are the same distance from the posts which is very important for Aesthetics and somewhat tricky to achieve with a pre-assembled rail. Because of the shape of the T rail with the inner webs it is very strong.
9. Can I order straight or arched balusters from Union Metalworks?
A buyer can order any of our products individually or in a kit form, including straight or curved or even a combination of spindles.
10. What are the benefits of using Union Metalworks' products for my deck or staircase?
Union Metal Works products are lower cost due to lower overhead, and are black powder coated aluminum for zero maintenance and high strength as well as modern appearance which is important for a real estate sale. They are easy to install and cheap to ship. They are always in stock as we carry our own inventory and ship out very quickly. If you call you will always talk to a knowledgeable person that can help you through the process of both purchasing and installation.
11. How can I get a comprehensive drawing of the parts from Union Metalworks?
The parts drawing is on the website as well as installation methods and options which is a separate drawing.
12. What are customers saying about Union Metalworks' products and services?
Customers love the product and the service as well as the price, having been in business for 18 years with relatively few complaints and an A+ BBB rating sustained and moving into our third decade.
13. Does Union Metalworks offer any discount programs?
We have an extensive discount code program with a custom one for a number of different people / situations / quantities/locations…ie military, elderly, hospital, fire, ems, return buyers, bulk qtys, local pickup option etc etc to name a few.
14. How can I contact Union Metalworks for more information or a free quote?
Please contact us anytime directly by phone or email as listed in the website.
15. Can I see any examples of projects completed using Union Metalworks' products?
There are many photos from customer installations found on our website under the gallery heading.

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