Curved Aluminum Balusters are Stylish and Long-Lasting

Aluminum is a material that is great for a wide range of products from screen doors to patio furniture. If you think that aluminum balusters would look great on your new deck, you are right. They are stylish, strong, and very durable.

When you are in the market for balusters with a little extra flair, consider adding curved ones to your project. They provide the extra touch that not only looks terrific and modern, but it adds beauty and curb appeal to your home.

At Union Metalworks, our aluminum balusters for decks mimic the gentle curve of an archer’s bow, hence the name of the Archer model. Their two-inch bend is noticeable enough to be eye-catching while at the same time being a tasteful feature. The flattened, pre-drilled ends make attaching them easy, primarily when you use our matching stainless steel screws.

Metal deck balusters are the ideal way to set your deck, staircase, or patio railing apart from the traditional wooden designs you can see in backyards across your neighborhood.

These curved balusters are 33.5 inches long and include face-mount flatted ends that are 2 1/8 inches. As you can see here, they are versatile and can be used in many different deck situations. Review our selection of metal deck balusters and see which items would work best for your property.