Why Metal Balusters are Better than Wood Balusters

Building the perfect deck starts with quality materials. While we know that wood is great for a variety of structures, Union Metal Works also believes that our metal balusters are better than standard wood selections. Check out some of the reasons why our balusters are perfect:

Add Class to Any Location – Metal balusters add a bit of class to your outdoor decks and stairs. Many people choose to have wooden balusters on their decks, but the fact of the matter is these balusters just don’t look as nice as the metal ones. With metal balusters, you are able to effectively add ornamental flourishes to your backyard, impressing everyone who comes over to visit.

Metal is Stronger than Wood – Whether someone is leaning on your deck rails or you live in a wet environment, you can rest assured that your metal balusters will be stronger than wood ones. Over the years, wood balusters will start to breakdown and eventually begin to rot. Metal balusters will stay strong for a number of years, adding the same amount of style to your deck that they did on the day they were installed.

Update Your Property – Metal balusters are frequently used in newer builds, making these buildings look both fresh and modern. If you still love your deck but want to just add a little something special to the setup without having to do a full redesign, you can replace your wooden balusters with our metal designs for something magnificent. Additionally, making these small updates on your home help increase your property value – making balusters a great option for someone trying to sell their home.

When you shop with Union Metal Works, you are investing in affordable metal balusters that are built to last. Our staff has years of experience working in the auto industry and has applied that knowledge to the production of our quality balusters. We cater to a wide array of individuals, including homeowners, contractors looking for new materials, and business owners who want to build a unique outdoor deck for their location. Check out our online store to place an order today.