Winterizing Your Deck – Aluminum Balusters for Decks

Fall is here, so you know what that means – winter is right around the corner. Whether you have installed a new deck or have an old deck, it’s important to make it is properly prepared for the winter. The team at Union Metalworks, your online source for aluminum balusters for decks, has done research to provide you with important information about winterization and maintenance. If you have just installed our aluminum balusters for decks, then it’s a smart move to protect your investment!

One of the first things you need to do is inspect your deck and make sure that everything is properly connected, nailed down, and more. You should make sure that your deck is structurally sound, make sure that all the handrails and balusters and properly secured, and make sure that no screws or nails have come loose over the past year. Additionally, you should add abrasive strips so that no one slips on the steps.

 After you have inspected your deck, you need to clean everything. This means removing all debris, wiping down your Union Metalworks aluminum balusters for decks, and taking down any furniture that you feel won’t last through the winter. You should also wash the deck with soap and water. This is a great idea for anyone, as it gives you the chance to wash away stains and crud that has built up on your deck over the last year. Whether you live in the North or the South, you should make sure that your deck is cleaned every year. After you have cleaned your deck, you should make sure the wood has been sealed with a high-quality water repellant.

Make your deck look magnificent all year long when you choose aluminum balusters for decks from Union Metalworks. Not only do we provide aluminum balusters for decks, our business also provides steel balusters! Take a look at the many great selections we have available and place an order online today. We are proud to provide strong balusters at a price that you can afford. With our products, you can build a deck that will impress your neighbors and add value to your property!