Step Up Your Stairs with Our Balusters

Stair BalustersWhen it comes to building a new staircase, it is the little touches that can be the difference between a beautiful staircase and the perfect staircase. It does not matter if you are building a new deck or are looking to replace an older set of stairs, you can trust Union Metal Works to provide you with high-end selections to make your staircase perfect.

One of the best aspects of investing in our balusters is that they are affordable! Each of our styles is available at a price below $3.00, which means you can take on your remodeling project without having to break the bank. Every baluster we sell is made using techniques that we learned working in the auto manufacturing industry, so you can rest assured that every baluster you purchase from our business is built to last. For more than 13 years, people all across the country have been choosing our balusters, so you can rest assured that our business is providing you with selections that many other people have enjoyed for years.

Browse the selection of stair balusters we sell and place an order with our business today. Not only do we work with homeowners, Union Metal Works also provides balusters for hotels, restaurants, marinas, and more!