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Remodeling After a Storm

BalustersWhether you have been through one of the many recent storms are just located in an area where troublesome weather is a given, here are a handful of ideas for people who want to remodel after a storm:

Take Care of Your Deck – If your deck has been damaged or just looks shabby after an onslaught of rain, you should consider making some upgrades. This is the perfect time to replace your old balusters, add on some more space, or just make general repairs.

Update a Sunroom – The storm may have damaged your sunroom, so you should take some time to remodel this space. You may want to consider installing new windows, changing the flooring, or upgrading the walls.

Transform Your Shed – A leaky old shed doesn’t have to stay that way. Instead of letting it sit and collect water, you can take this opportunity to take care of leaks, fix the windows, and clean out all of the old garbage that has been sitting there for ages.

Union Metal Works is proud to provide high-end metal balusters that are perfect for your home or business exterior. Take a look at our selections – including our belly balusters – and invest today!

Why Having a Nice Backyard is Important

Balusters | UnionMetalWorks.comYour home is an important space. Many homeowners often forget about the backyard, but it’s actually one of the best places in your home. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to have a nice backyard:

A Great Place to Experience the Outdoors – When you go out into your backyard, you are experiencing the outdoors on your terms. This is your space to have trees, plants, and other greenery to help you feel at peace with the world.

Entertain Outdoors – Whether it’s the summer and you want to enjoy the warmth of the sun or you are just someone who loves to grill, having a nice backyard is perfect for people who love to entertain. You can play games out in the grass or you can sit on the deck and watch the sunset.

Grow a Garden – If you are interested in staying healthy and eating right, having your own garden is great inspiration. There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own fruits and vegetables, then using them to cook a nice, wholesome meal for yourself and your family.

You can take your backyard to the next level with a new deck. It doesn’t matter if you are building it yourself or having a professional do the installation, you can save money and make your deck look perfect with new balusters from Union Metal Works.

Types of Balusters for Your Patio

Balusters | UnionMetalWorks.comBuild a new deck this summer, so you can entertain family and friends! Spend the summer grilling out and enjoying the warm weather on your deck without breaking the bank. Balusters have many purposes such as supporting the railings, decorative appeal, and ensuring pets or small children do not fall off. Create a patio that appeals to your style with our variety of balusters.

Our 3 Baluster Styles:

  • Gothic Straight Aluminum- Personalize your own space with these lightweight balusters! They are available in white, black, and bronze. You can choose the color that matches your patio furniture or wood stain.
  • Archer Curved Steel- The curved balusters are a type of commonly called belly balusters, with one large belly out. They give the illusion of extra space without changing the size of your deck. This look will create an elegant atmosphere for you to enjoy all summer long.
  • Ponderosa Straight Steel- These steel balusters are very durable and affordable. The straight lines offer a different look for you to choose from.

Sticking to your deck-building budget will be easier than ever, no matter which style of baluster you choose! All of our balusters are reasonably priced. Call us at (859) 991-1881 with any questions regarding the differences between our balusters. Let us help you build the deck of your dreams.