The Advantages of Metal Deck Balusters

blogWhen it comes to improving your home, a deck is a great investment. There are a lot of decisions you have to make when installing a deck – from big choices like shape and size to small ones like stain color, each step matters. One thing you may not think to consider as heavily as other choices is what kind of baluster you decide to utilize. Balusters can be hidden or they can add decorative effect to your deck. But, the material you decide to go with will affect their use. For some, wooden balusters are the right way to go, but not always. We’ve outlined some of the benefits of metal deck balusters below to help figure out if they are right for you.

  • They tend to be stronger than other options, making them good safety options
  • They can utilize thinner components, making them less visible if that is the desired effect
  • Steel is much more flexible, fitting more unusual designs
  • They are very low maintenance
  • Aluminum can be much cheaper than other options
  • They last a long time
  • They are recyclable
  • They are resistant to fungus, unlike wood which is susceptible to fungus and rot

These are a few of the benefits you will reap if you choose metal deck balusters for your deck. We’re dedicated to designing, manufacturing and providing you with well-priced high-quality handrail balusters that will suit your needs. Visit today to view our products.