Up-Cycle Wooden Balusters

blogAt UnionMetalWorks.com, we’re proud to offer well-priced, high-quality metal handrail balusters that will last and look great. Our balusters are made out of steel and aluminum, which ever suits your needs, which are recyclable. However, our balusters shouldn’t wear out on you anytime soon. If you’ve upgraded to metal balusters and in the past you’ve used wooden handrails and balusters, you may have some old ones lying around with no use. Here are a few do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that will help you up-cycle those items.

Small Table – Long and slim balusters make great table legs for a small, elegant side table.
Candlesticks – Repurposing wooden balusters as candlesticks is as simple as making sure the bottom is flat and sturdy and securing a candle to the other end.
Spindle Wreath – If you have a rather mismatched collection of balusters, securing them in a wreath-like shape makes a homey and eclectic wall decoration.
Embellishments on other Furniture – If you have any plain, flat-facing wooden cabinets, drawers, or so on, cutting old balusters and using them as embellishments is a great way to make them a little more exciting.

If none of these projects were for you, try to come up with a new use for an old baluster yourself! As you can see just from these few projects, balusters can be very versatile so you won’t have an issue getting crafty.

For more information on our long-lasting metal balusters, visit UnionMetalWorks.com today!